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Universities and Regional innovation:

From Policy to Practice - Building Capacity for Collaborative Partnerships



Representation of the State North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union,

Montoyer street, 47 - 1000 Brussels

The positive impact of effective regional innovation on economic growth, employment and social stability is recognised everywhere.   Yet many European regions are lagging behind and seem unable to "catch up" or engage in a process of full innovation as a critical success factor for their development.  Different regional settings, contextual factors and more (or less) local opportunities undeniably play a role. Yet the ability to build capacity for collaborative partnership and to exercise strong leadership in order to bring together a variety of regional stakeholders behind a common regional strategy is "the" critical step for regional success.    

This one-day conference will focus on the challenges involved in building and sustaining successful cross-sectoral partnerships between academic, business and public agencies to support regional innovation. The conference will draw on lessons learned from the EU-Drivers for a Regional Innovation Platform project, which involved the development of tri-partite partnerships and an international community of practice to support strategically important and transformational projects in a range of European countries, including Spain, Denmark, Greece, England, Finland, Turkey, Portugal and Belgium.   

The conference format will be highly interactive, with expert international keynote speakers and panelists including participants from the European Commission, academic, business and public authorities committed to fostering the development of real collaboration between sectors to support regional development.  With practical interactive sessions it will provide participants the opportunity to try out "on the ground" the lessons learnt from the EU-Drivers project; each participant will receive a copy of the EU-Drivers toolkit with good practices to support effective transformational regional innovation.  

In our pre-conference reception, breakfast meeting, poster sessions and networking events, the conference will provide ample opportunities for direct exchange between regional, university and business leaders as well as access to EU policy-makers.  As such you can keep ahead on the latest information on EU policy and programme developments such as the Smart Specialisation Strategy, Horizon 2020 (and its links to the structural funds) as well as the new Erasmus for All programme.             



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