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ELIE Case Studies Now On Website

ELIE Case Studies Now On Website

The entrepreneurs within the ELIE project arrived in their destination countries between 1960 and 2010, with the reasons for migration including education, marriage, fleeing persecution, economic migration and joining family. The interviews identified distinct categories of international entrepreneurship. Some of these categories are also clearly applicable across entrepreneurship more generally, and offer generalised lessons for those seeking to support or develop entrepreneurship themselves or as a tool for economic growth within a town, city or country. Other are particularly common amongst immigrant entrepreneurs.

The interviews collected across all four participating countries drew a picture of quite satisfied entrepreneurs. The general prerequisites for successful business are naturally the same among immigrant and local entrepreneurs, but living between two cultures and the often accompanying difficulties in language and cultural skills set some extra challenges for the immigrant entrepreneurs. The commonality of experience amongst the ELIE project entrepreneurs was very striking; although there were differences between countries in facilities to support entrepreneurship.

Case studies based upon some of the immigrant entrepreneurs interviewed for the ELIE project are now available on the ELIE website and can be viewed under the Life Stories tab on the left, grouped by category.

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