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Application of the results of ELIE Project

Application of the results of ELIE Project

The application of our ELIE project results to practical purposes is one of the most important aims of the project. At the recent International Conference on the Employability of Graduates & Higher Education Management Systems in Vienna (21-23 September, 2011) Carolyn Downs, an Academic Leader of ELIE project presented a paper showing how the learning from ELIE project had been applied to providing graduates with targeted entrepreneurship skills.

The skills focussed on in Work-based Learning within Salford Business School have been reconsidered as a result of the findings of the ELIE project. They now include a focus on breaking down cultural and social barriers to entrepreneurship as well as setting in place models of peer support and providing secure foundations in business planning and language skills.

The increased focus of the course on entrepreneurship as a tool of employability has led to a number of students establishing functioning businesses while taking the course and then continuing to successfully run these businesses as they enter their third year of degree studies. 

Slides from the presentation can be seen under Publications/Conference Papers and Presentations/Presentation Vienna Sept 2011.

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