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About the Project

University of Lodz focus group

Capturing the components of success of immigrant entrepreneurs can help define the capabilities needed by graduates & SMEs in the global marketplace. Our innovative Employability: Learning through International Entrepreneurship (ELIE) project will use action research methods to capture the lived experience of immigrant entrepreneurs and will synthesise key features of their success in a cross-cultural environment into learning frameworks (LFs) for Employability and Entrepreneurship in a cross-cultural environment suitable for delivery in formal and informal settings.

The emergence (across the EU) of a myriad of successful entrepreneurs in cultural settings different from those they originate in offers a unique opportunity to capture the specificities of internationalization and mixed embeddedness and to use this knowledge as a tool for skills development within SMEs across the EU. These LFs will offer a radically new model of establishing individual learning outcomes that better-reflect the learning needs of students and SMEs in developing international/cross-cultural capability (Fielden, 2007). A central dimension in ELIE is co-development between HE & SMEs. This offers a radical move away from both traditional inward perspectives in HE & conventional views regarding uni-directional flow of ideas from HE to SMEs towards exchange & co-creation of knowledge. This two-way process underpins the development of multi-agency (HE, SMEs, SME associations) partnership that will deliver project outputs & can provide an exemplar for future knowledge exchange.

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