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The Ethnic Food Entrepreneur - UK - 3

Mr WY was born in the West Indies into a Chinese family. Mr WY completed his education in China but the family maintained English speaking as this was seen as important both in living in Hong Kong and also as a business language. In the late 1950s Mr WY came to the UK to seek work. He was able to save and brought his first Chinese restaurant, employing a chef. His brother also came to England and worked with Mr WY, so that they were able to develop a small chain of four restaurants across the East of England.

The problem of chefs leaving and difficulties in obtaining ingredients led Mr WY to decide that he would move into wholesale supply of Chinese food and restaurant necessities. After only five years the business outgrew the initial site and within eight years Mr WY and his brother acquired outlets in another city. Later expansions included the development of business centres associated with their sites (now in four different towns and cities), an online shop that has customers as far away as Australia and South America, and the continuous development of the business into the production of food-stuffs such as sauces and cooking ingredients.

In addition Mr WY has developed a property portfolio and an internationally respected educational charity as well as being involved in a number of civic projects. The group now employs 300 staff over its four sites and continues to grow and develop. 

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