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The Knowledge Entrepreneur - UK - 1

The initial reason for Dr A leaving her home country of Greece was to study studying for a PhD in the very new area of linguistic-based computer voice recognition. Dr A is fluent in Greek, English, French and German (and has some proficiency in Portuguese), she has worked in academic settings in the UK and in Germany.

She had an ambition to use her skills in the development of voice user interfaces as a route into entrepreneurship for many years. She initially tried to set up a company in Germany, specialising in applications of voice recognition software, but found it very difficult to make headway. When Dr A moved back to the UK she felt she had learned a number of useful lessons about doing business across Europe and was determined to try again.

Dr A is reliant on the Internet and Internet-based networks for her business. Early adopters of new technology, such as Dr A, have seen tremendous advances in the ways in which communications technologies have advanced business practices. Dr A sees both physical and virtual networking skills as essential to successful entrepreneurship.  

As with all our other entrepreneurs she sees language skills as the absolute essential to success and suspects that developing entrepreneurial mobility amongst English young people will be more difficult because they consistently lack proficiency in languages. Dr A also notes that there were many students who had sufficient specialist knowledge and capacity for hard work to take on the challenges of entrepreneurship but she found that it was unusual for a student to consider entrepreneurship as an option.  

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