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The Language Entrepreneur - UK - 1

Languages had interested Dr S since childhood and from the age of thirteen her ambition had been to become a freelance translator. Dr S came to the UK from Portugal for education almost 20 years ago, planning to stay for three months.

Dr S began working on computer assisted translation while in the UK and eventually gained a PhD in this area. This in turn led to a lectureship in a university, teaching on translation courses. However, her ambition to be a freelance translator had not diminished and she always maintained some freelance work. An opportunity arose to lead a project to promote languages to businesses via a regional language network (RLN), based within the university. In 2007 the funding was changed and the RLN became a limited company with some external funding but this ended in 2009. Dr S had to decide whether to close the RLN down or to streamline. She decided to streamline and found that the business was viable and new projects could be developed.

She is also working within the local Portuguese community. Many of these immigrants do not find it possible to develop adequate language skills to maintain employment. Dr S sees her company developing through delivery of language and culture master classes, promotion of Portuguese and Spanish lessons (she already has several small classes), Portuguese writing courses and she is writing a text book for teaching translation.

In addition she now has the time to develop her other interest which is fashion design.

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