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The Ethnic Food Entrepreneur - UK - 2

Mr and Mrs VC moved to the UK from Greece, with their decision to emigrate a result of the financial crisis in Greece. As they are both well-qualified they had expected to be able to find work in the UK. However, employment proved difficult to obtain and as a result Mr and Mrs VC decided to invest capital they had acquired through selling land in Greece. They initially did some research into opportunities that might be viable in the city where they lived and decided that their business would be a Greek restaurant.

Mr and Mrs VC speak excellent English, but still had some difficulties negotiating the planning, employment and food hygiene regulations in the UK. They relied greatly on the accountancy firm they engaged for advice about property purchase, employment laws and issues around taxation and employed project managers to ensure the conversion of a shop into a restaurant. They were not aware of sources of support available and if they had would have been a great help although they did obtain informal advice from a retired restaurateur.

Mr and Mrs VC employ nine people and also work full time themselves within the restaurant. One of the initial problems they encountered was that the restaurant was far busier then they had expected and they were not used to employing staff.  

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