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The Web-enabled Entrepreneur - UK - 1

Mrs C came to the UK for education already having excellent spoken and written English. She did not plan initially to remain in the UK but when working in her first job met and married her husband. Following the death of her mother-in-law who had helped with childcare Mrs C chose to rebalance her life so as to be there for her children while also developing her own PR consultancy.

As soon as Mrs C announced to her contacts that she was going to establish her own PR Consultancy an old contact offered her work with a Swedish/ Nordic link and that set things in motion. As with other contributors to the ELIE project Mrs C commented that it was so easy to set up in business. She works from home and relies on the Internet. Indeed, she says that ten years ago it would not have been possible to work with the companies in the Nordic region where she has many of her contracts without having been based there.

Mrs C says entrepreneurship has allowed her to develop her own portfolio of work, which plays to her strengths while also giving her the space she needs for a balanced life. She can stop working and take the children to activities, start working again once they are in bed. She can turn down work if she wishes and can also take on additional work by then using the services of other free-lancers if necessary.  

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