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The Ethnic Food Entrepreneur - UK -1

Mrs E is now in her late forties and owns a wholesale and retail business selling food and related items related to Turkish/Middle East cuisine with an attached café/takeaway in a large city in the North of England. Mrs E never planned or even wanted to become an entrepreneur. However when her husband moved to a large northern city in the UK to set up his own company his lack of English meant that she began to run the business. 

Mrs E spoke good English and had a good understanding of English culture through reading and she considers this was essential in developing relationships with suppliers and understanding the regulations that needed to be complied with in order to run a successful business in England. Mrs E. worked extremely long hours in the business and still leads the business on a daily basis but is increasingly able to delegate.  

Mrs E. feels that there are many more opportunities in England than in other European countries. However, there is a lot of red-tape within the food and catering industry and she feels that this is an area where immigrants who have poor English are disadvantaged. There is a need for easy access to business-related English classes, which would be a great help. Mrs E said that many immigrants who speak reasonable English struggle to read and comprehend English and this can make it difficult to follow regulations. 

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