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The Portfolio Entrepreneur - UK - 1

Mr C is a young man with great musical talent who came to the UK from Hong Kong to further his studies in music. He had good English language skills when he came to the UK. Mr C feels that for graduates like him, who wish to keep open the option of performance at a high level, entrepreneurship offers the best route to developing a portfolio of activities.

Mr C finds that the common idea of what an entrepreneur is does not fit what he does, or indeed what other entrepreneurs that he knows do. He is not a natural risk taker, he started out carefully, he had only time to lose but even so he was cautious. Mr C notes that many of his entrepreneurial activities have ‘just happened’, such as starting a music agency when he was approaching the end of his post-graduate studies, with no initial intention of there being a ‘proper’ business but rather there being a way of fulfilling a need he and his fellow students had for such a service.

Mr C has several strands to his entrepreneurship. The main areas are a networking group for the creative industries and providing advice for businesses seeking to trade (export / import) with Chinese companies or to sell services to the Chinese community in the UK. He was also able to make use of a range of business support networks, both government and private as well as developing informal, open networks.  

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