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The Knowledge Entrepreneur - Poland - 3

Mr K was born in Poland, a descendant of German immigrants. He graduated Electrical Engineering in 1982 and in 1988 he decided to emigrate to Germany, having the advantage of being in contact with his parent’s family who were living there and engaged in business. After arriving in Germany, Mr K founded a company specializing in finance and insurance services.

As a businessman Mr K had to quickly improve his German (he learned the basics in Poland before departure) but the type of work he was engaged in gave him the opportunity to practice and develop his language skills. In the beginning the company developed slowly but continuously through Mr K’s personal development, building contacts with new people, introducing new (more sophisticated) products and learning effective sales techniques. 

After gaining experience in finance and insurance in Germany he wanted to very quickly move into the Polish market, where such services (in the nineties) were very new to the market. Development of his operations in Poland occurred very quickly, through his offering life insurance with international partners. At present his companies operate both in Germany and Poland, where he employs around 20 insurance and finance representatives.  

Comparing the problems encountered in running his company in Poland and in Germany Mr K remarked that in Poland he noticed more bureaucracy - the same processes associated with setting up and running a business (including reporting to authorities) are in Germany much faster and considerably easier. 

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