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The Language Entrepreneur - Poland - 1

Mr L is now in his forties and he came to Poland from Ukraine in 1999 as he perceived it as a country of “greater possibilities, before coming to Poland he worked as a teacher and taught English language.

His company started its operations in 2006 out of a wish to become and "try something on my own account”. The main area of interest for Mr L’s company is the organization of language courses (mainly English) for business. Before setting up his own business Mr L worked in Poland as an English tutor and established many contacts.

In 2008 Mr L identified a market niche and decided to expand his business into recruitment services, recruiting low-skilled employees (mainly Ukrainian citizens) that would like to work in Polish companies. Another idea for expansion is organization of cultural and entertainment events for companies.

While establishing a business Mr L didn’t use any external help and did everything on his own. He did not have any business experience that could be used or any financial. Mr L claims that there is not enough information and support for the average foreign entrepreneur and more focus should be put on developing information and support by the Polish authorities.

In Mr L’s opinion Poland is very attractive for immigrant entrepreneurs, however legal regulations (that are complicated and change often ) as well as issues with the skills of Polish civil servants (where some gaps in education, especially in foreign languages and current legislation can be identified) are obstacles in the development of immigrant led firms.  

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