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The Skilled Entrepreneur - Poland - 1

Mrs I was born in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in Moldova (now the Republic of Moldova). She came to Poland immediately after finishing secondary school to undertake medical studies in order to become a dentist. Her parents have Polish roots and she learned the language at home. At the moment she is a temporary Polish resident.

The company, which Mrs I owns, specializes in dental services for individuals. She decided to set up her own business because it is more profitable to provide dental services in this way compared to being employed as a dentist by an external company. One of the barriers to entering the dental services market is the initial costs of establishing such businesses. However Mrs I is renting both the office and facilities from a company that specializes in dental equipment outsourcing. Mrs I is planning to go completely on her own (purchasing the necessary equipment) but this requires significant capital investment and requires good business and management skills.

Her company is developing slowly but continuously. Dental services depend on gaining the trust of customers (patients) much more than other types of business, and business growth is dependent on customers’ willingness to recommend her services to others.

While establishing and running the company Mrs I didn’t encounter any particular problems, however she points out that when dealing with public offices it all depends on who you encounter, as she has some very positive as well as very negative experiences in dealing with civil servants. 

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