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The Ethnic Non-Food Entrepreneur - Poland - 1

Mr D came to Poland in search of work. The first work that Mr D got here in Poland was a position in a marketing company. As the years went by Mr D learned the Polish language, customs and manners. Experience and contacts gained this way allowed him to open his own business, which he has successfully run for over 5 years. His company is divided into three sectors – import / export of textiles from India, brokerage and financial - accounting, and consultancy. Import and export was the first idea but while this aspect of his business grew and he explored new markets, Mr D spotted other opportunities and expanded his business into other areas. 

Mr D believes that our system in not conducive to new businesses. He listed our vast bureaucracy, the huge amount of paperwork required by the Polish Social Insurance Institution and other offices such as Central Statistical Office. Furthermore he mentions high labor costs, especially pension and health insurance, contributions to the Labor Fund used to finance unemployment benefits, and contributions to the Fund of Guaranteed Employee Benefits.

He is not only an entrepreneur, but also a “helping hand” and a friend to many foreigners. He happily provides information related to changes in Polish law, helps out with the formalities and serves as a translator. Mr D explained that as he has been ‘ripped off’ a number of times, his goal is to protect other foreigners against such events. It is worth mentioning that Mr D often does all these things free of charge.  

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