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The Skilled Entrepreneur - Greece - 2

Mr Z was born in Georgia, following the successful completion of a PhD in Biology in Russia he returned to his home country to work at the local university and start a family. He later left Georgia and came to Greece for financial reasons. At the beginning he came without his family and faced problems with the language; he only spoke Russian and English. When he got his first job in Greece he felt very confident and decided to bring his family from Georgia.

Mr Z worked as a technical support provider for a company and after getting a lot of knowledge and experience decided to start up his own business. He started his business with a partner in 2000 and provided technical support services for conferences and social events.

Mr Z’s enterprise employs four people. Although his studies are totally irrelevant to his current occupation, they helped him develop a way of thinking that proved to be successful. Furthermore, his working experience together with a strong will to make a better life made him start up his own business.

Mr Z thinks that the current economic crisis does not help entrepreneurship, and would advise young people wishing to start up their own business to think very hard about their choice of business and set clear and feasible goals. Starting up a business is an important step in one’s life and carries a big risk therefore proper planning, market research and developing important business collaborations are necessary for success. 

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