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The Knowledge Entrepreneur - Greece -1

Mr R was born in Germany to Italian parents. At the age of 3 Mr R and his family returned to their home country Italy, where he grew up on a farm and studied Agriculture at university. His family had a strong entrepreneurial background, as both his parents had run their own business in the past. While studying at university, Mr R started his own agricultural business based on the manufacture of herbal products, which ran for ten years. Following that, he got involved in academic research at the University and concurrently taught in professional schools and gave seminars about organic farming.

Mr R came to Greece in 2001 with his partner, who is of Greek descent. Although he successfully adapted to Greek culture he initially faced some problems with the language and in finding a job in the agriculture industry. Eventually Mr R collaborated with a fertilizer corporation based in Italy and became the company’s official representative in Greece. A few years later having received a start-up business grant Mr R developed a wide supply chain network throughout Greece, specializing in the fertilizers and seeds used in organic farming. In 2003 the company was only involved in wholesale trade, but later moved into retail as well.  

According to Mr R one of the reasons for the success of his company is that he offered innovative products, and therefore, faced little competition. The main differences between Greece and Italy are that Greek agriculturists are mostly involved in commerce, whereas Italians are service providers, and that organic farming in Italy is more strongly regulated.

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