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The Knowledge Entrepreneur - Finland - 3

Mr B came to Finland with his Finnish wife over 20 years ago. Mr B first came to Finland as an employee and worked for several companies, also living in Belgium, France and the UK.

In his fifties Mr B started a business which offered consulting for other companies in technical marketing and through that company he also acted as CEO of other companies, e.g. when large companies wanted to start a new business in Finland they hired him and his company to run it. His company was mainly handling external trade to and from Germany. Mr B had the language and cultural skills to deal with the German companies as well as the ability to understand technical details and translate them into commercial layman’s terms. These skills he had gained both through his education and during his career.

The company grew as he gained more trust among customers. Trust was essential for his business, of course, as he says, there were trust issues in the beginning because he was a foreigner. Networking in different local associations, such as the Rotary Club, was a big help in the start-up. Networking was also an essential part of his business activities, since he was mostly dealing with Russian and German companies, both countries where personal contacts are regarded very important in business life.

Now Mr B is little bit over 60 and now works mostly part time from his home. He is gradually moving towards retirement and wants to increase the time spent with his family and hobbies.

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