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The Skilled Entrepreneur - Finland - 2

Mrs M worked in middle management in a factory in Estonia, her home country. To earn some extra money she went to pick strawberries in the summer at a farm in Finland and married a Finnish man. The shock due to the collapse in her social status when moving to a new country was hard. As her language skills improved, she was able to get better jobs, meet more people and improve her language skills.

After six years she decided to start a business of her own. Starting a business of her own was something that she had always known that she would do some day. She had obtained the vocational education to help her with that from Estonia and she had been sewing and doing needlework all her life. After her ‘market research’ she decided to offer cloth repairs, needlework and handicrafts in a craft shop. Quite recently, she has also obtained a contract to import a special type of thread exclusively to Finland.

In the beginning, it was quite hard to get the first customers. People were a bit suspicious and shy of entering her shop. But when the first customers came in and were pleased with her work, word started to spread. Word of mouth was an effective way to gain trust within the small town where she lived. In her opinion, the ‘success factors’ for her were a) her vocational education, b) the skills she had gained from starting up and assisting in her husband’s firm and c) strong belief that she would succeed.  

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