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The Ethnic Food Entrepreneur - Finland - 1

Mr S is an Irishman with a Finnish wife who moved to Finland when their first child was born. When the decision to move was made Mr S started to look for language teaching jobs in Finland and he has several worked in several different language centres.

A year ago he and his wife opened a little corner shop style grocery in a market hall in southern Finland. Their idea was to import British groceries to Finland. The idea was born both from Mr S’s personal yearning for British food in Finland and from the fact that these products are not available in Finland. Their company has also a web shop, but most of the trading gets done from the market hall premises.

Mr and Mrs S made a business plan with the help of the local start up-agency. This business plan was very useful not only for themselves but as a tool to communicate their ideas with the city council and financers. They got a business loan and a start-up grant which helped them to start. One thing that Mr S thinks is peculiar to Finnish society is that Finns seem to be obsessed with the Internet. Therefore, Facebook and other web based media are important ways to get your name known.

Mr S advises other immigrants who are planning to start up their own business to study the market and business opportunities carefully and to ask and listen to all the advice available before starting up the business.  

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