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The Web-enabled Entrepreneur - Finland - 1

In 2000 a young man, Mr L from St. Petersburg arrived in Finland looking for job opportunities. Until 2008 he worked as an employee in different multinational IT firms. Then in 2008 he started a business of his own with two of his Finnish friends.

The idea for the business started from the practical need of these two friends to have a tool to document and communicate their marathon training records to each other. These partners had an idea, but they did not have the technical skills needed to set up the net application. They needed the know-how of Mr L.  

Mr L had some previous experience of setting up a business, although it was not very successful. But he feels that the experience that he gained from the first start up was very useful in the second start up. All three founders are now working for the company in Finland, and they have a subsidiary in Russia, which has four employees. The future looks good, and they are planning to expand.

Mr L thinks that for them it was important to have native partners in the team. The newly formed company joined the local business start up society, which helped them to find new contacts and network with other entrepreneurs. IT skills are not culturally dependent unlike some other skills; therefore Mr L did not have any major problems applying his skill in a new culture. He also thinks that learning the language is almost as important as networking when starting up a business in a new country.

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